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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose your candle bags for my special occasion or event instead of those sold on Amazon or EBay or other third party platforms?
You might have noticed our brand name Candle Bags UK on the websites mentioned above, but we do not longer supply our products to Amazon and we will never sell again our products on other third party websites like EBay. We cannot longer allow these third party platforms to use our data, our products details, photos and resources while allowing criminals to sell counterfeits and dangerous products and they are not accountable for putting member of the public at risk and damaging the reputation of legitimate business.
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Are some candle bags better than others?
ABSOLUTELY YES! There are products of very different quality standards on the market. Consequently, it is important that you avoid offers too good to be true and becoming another victim to purchase products which might have been contaminated or treated with prohibited substances. Unfortunately, this is a well know issue not only for candle bags but also for other products like Dyson Hoovers, Lego Toys, I-Phone and any other products you can imagine.

Are Candle bags safe to use?
Candle bags are made with Rise or Copy Paper treated with APP which is a permitted fire-retardant agent, often also used to treat wood or furniture. This is non toxic substance and prevent the paper from ignite like any other paper or newspaper, even if a live flame get in contact with the paper.
This makes candle bags safe to use outdoor as well as indoor.

Environmentally friendly?
Our Candle bags are manufactured from rice or copy paper of different grades (g/m2), reusable, 100% biodegradable and totally compostable. Once the event is over, if the night was humid or wet, the best way to reuse them is to dry the paper of the candle bags in a garage or in a shed. Leave the bags opened for a day or two and fold them flat once they are completely dry and after empting the sand, gravel or anything used to firm them on the ground.

How to best use candle bags?
INDOOR: Candle bags in particular our medium and small size plain candle bags are used indoor as centrepiece on tables or beside the bed. Even indoor, to keep the candle bags firm on the surface, it is always better to put inside each bags a bit of washed gravel or decorative glitter / broken glass which also helps to keep the bags opened. For additional safety, LED Tea-lights can be used instead of wax candles or tea-lights    
OUTDOOR: To avoid that the wind blows the bags around the garden or path, it is suggested to put 3cm/1In of sand and then the candle or wax tea-light on the sand. During the wet season, please only use candle bags made with paper grade of 80 g/m2 or above. Thinner paper could fall down on itself if it get wet during a humid night or morning mist. If the weather condition is expected to be wet and raining, it would be preferable to use water-proof LED tea-lights.

How is a candle bag assembled?
This is very straight forward. Our candle bags are flat packed and when you receive the parcel all you have to do is to open the sealed of the pack and take out the candle bags. Take the first candle bag and you will notice how it is folded. With one hand hold the rectangular base and with the other hand, put your fingers from the top and as you enter your have open your fingers to unfold and open the bag. You will also notice that all our candle bags are well glued, therefore you can get ready your candle bags with the sand and the candle in each bag and then carry them and distribute them in the garden or light up a path. However, first distribute the candle bags and then lit the candle to avoid spilling the melted wax.

If I order today, when will I receive my candle bags?
Standard UK orders usually take 2-3 working days. However, delays can inevitably occur. Therefore, if you would like to guarantee a delivery date, we strongly recommend that you choose the Next working day (Mon-Thu). You can select these options at the checkout. However, your order should be placed by 4:00pm at the very latest to ensure next day delivery. International orders usually take 4 - 10 working days. For full information on shipping costs, please click on Orders and Delivery.

What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept all major credit and debit cards and also Paypal. Please choose which option is preferable at the checkout. If you're a charity or business, then we can also accept payment via bank transfer (BACS).

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