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Workshop - Get work experience and expand your passion

Let us help you to expand your passion
If you are looking for a great opportunity to build experience and join a dynamic team of enthusiastic people like you, don’t miss it. We can give you the tools to expand your passion and implement your natural abilities and apply them in a working environment.

Open your vision and we can help build your experience with real life business situations which will enhance your carrier.
No work experience required and we will provide anything needed to successfully complete your tasks.  All you need is a passion.
We run several workshops in groups or one-to-one according to the subject and skills of the apprentices
Flexible hours and from the comfort of your home or at your local library.
We will help you to define and improve your capabilities and empower you to deploy them in real operational business situations.

Your passion is not defined by a job title. Therefore, whether you like or not Math, Literature, Art and so on, we can guide you by providing the tools to turn it into your greatest job opportunity.
We do not want to limit your expectations by allocating a workshop heading and do not worry if your studies and passions are not listed below, fill in the form and we will let you know how we can help you too.

Marketing Communications, Public Relation, Accounting, Law and Litigation, Finance, Economics, Human Resource, Sales, Information Technology, Computing, Systems Technology, Digital Design, Web Development, Social Media, Networking, Journalism, Business Management, Administration, Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Health and Safety, Environment, Architectural and Design, Art, Creative, Festival Management, Human Resources, Personal and Business Development, Editing and Post Production, Quality and Regulatory, Electrical and Electronic, Film and Photography, Model, Hosts, Hostess, Event Organiser Promoter, Singer, Musician, Steward, Security Agent.

Have we missed out any other? Let us know so we can add it to the list.

Do not be limited by the list of the subjects above, but if you are a Singer, Musician, Model, Sculptor, Gardener, Electrician, Carpenter, Mechanic, Handcrafter, Decorator, Handyman, Drone Pilot or anything else you are passionate about it, fill in the form below and together we will discuss the best opportunities we have to apply your skills to something productive and constructive.

Fill in the form below to tell us about your passion and attach your CV
All fields with * are mandatory
Please also upload your CV in pdf, jpg or png.
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