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Chinese Sky Lanterns White V4 - Pack of 10

Sky Lanterns
Sky Lantern: Chinese v4
Brand: Generic Product
Product Code: CSLV4W10
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£14.99(VAT incl.)
Chinese Sky Lanterns v4 White - Pack of 10

Chinese Sky Lanterns are individually packed to protect the delicate paper. These are traditional lanterns made with high quality materials and assemble by professional craftsmen who carefully check every detail, essential for any special event. Chinese sky lanterns v4 are made with flame retardant RICE paper 14 g/m2, the fuel cell is made with fibreglass which is supported by the bamboo ring with metal wire. Chinese Sky Lanterns v4 are handcrafted using rice paper treated with retardant which avoids catching fire like a page of newspaper. Each lantern is individually wrapped in transparent OPP bag. The fuel cell is lose and needs to be attached at the centre of the metal wire cross hold by the bamboo ring. All materials are 100% biodegradable. When the combustible in the fuel cell has burned out, the lanterns will gently descending back on earth. The delicate paper will break down in few days after landing and mostly eaten by snails and slugs. The remaining bamboo ring biodegrade as fast as an Oak leaf or any tree stick. However, please consider the impact of the metal wire on the environment, wildlife and livestock, which requires longer time to rust. Besides, nobody would fancy having metal wires stacked in the car's suspension, as well as the wire could damage farmers’ machineries while they operate on the land. We always suggest opting for Eco Friendly Sky Lanterns Premium which are made without metal wire and provide the details of the differences between sky lanterns and enable customers to make an informed choice.
Instructions - How to use:
Chinese Sky Lanterns are individually packed to protect the delicate paper. Simply open the lanterns by swing it in the air to unfold all sides and attach the fuel cell in the middle of the lanterns. Light the fuel cell with a regular lighter. Full Instructions are provided with each pack.
Chinese Sky Lanterns v4 White - Pack of 10
  • Sky Lantern: Chinese v4
  • Materials: Fireproof Paper 14 gm2, Bamboo Ring, Metal Wire and Fibreglass Fuel Cell
  • Paper Colour: White
  • Lantern size unfolded: 45 D x 70 H cm (18 x 36 Inch)
  • Pack size: 42 W x 42 L x 5 H cm (16 x 16 x 2 Inch)
  • Pack Gross Weight: ± 0.90 Kg
  • Product Code: CSLV4W10
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