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Large Plain Paper Luminary Candle Bags White - Pack of 10

Paper Luminary Candle Bags
Luminary Design: Large Plain
Brand: CandleBagsUK™
Product Code: LPPCBW10
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Large Plain Luminary Candle Bags White - Pack of 10
Decorate with style your outdoor spaces with Large Plain Luminary Candle Bags

Get Creative with Large Plain Paper Luminary Candle Bags - Pack of 10.
Our Large Plain Paper Luminary Candle Bags in White are the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Illuminate pathways, borders, and your garden with these stunning candle bags. Unlike other luminary bags made with lower-quality paper, our bags are made with a higher grade of 90 gsm (g/m²) paper, making them durable and suitable for outdoor use. They can withstand even humid environments, ensuring they make a lasting impression at your dinner party, barbecue, social gathering, or memorials. Add a touch of elegance and warmth to any occasion with our Large Plain Paper Luminary Candle Bags.
The light of Wax Candles or LED Tea-Lights placed inside the bag produces a beautiful soft glow and creates a very special ambience and making a superb addition to any summer garden party and they are great for relaxing in your garden in the twilight hours.

How to use candle bags:
Open the paper bags by inserting your fingers inside from the top and straight the folds. To keep the bags open is preferable to put 2-3 cm of sand or gravel inside each candle bag. This also ensures that the candle bags stay firm on the hard surface and they will not be blown away by the wind if used outdoor. If used indoor, it is preferable to use washed gravels, small pebbles or small crystal diamonds before placing the tea-light inside the bag. These paper bags are well glued so they can be prepared on the table and they will not spill anything when they are carried and distributed around the house or outside in the garden.
Suggested Wax Candles 4h or 9h. For indoor use is preferible to use LED Tea-Lights.
Please Note: Under the base of each luminary bag we apply a discreet stamp to approve our 3rd quality inspection of each bag.

  • Luminary Design: Large Plain Candle Bags
  • Material: Fire-proof Paper
  • Paper Grade (g/m²): 90 gsm
  • Paper Colour: White
  • Size: 16 W x 9 L x 26 H cm
  • Pack Gross Weight: ± 160 grams
  • Brand: CandleBagsUK™
  • Product Code: LPPCBW10
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